Sunday, August 31, 2008

Canada,eh? Pt 3

No travel blog is complete w/o food. The food cost about 1.4X sg..but the portion is 2x. But the food here seems to be healthier than USA. The obesity rate here is not as bad as SG, altho when they are fat, they are REALLY fat. This shld explain why. Needless to say, my Dad and I had to share this.
So today I fanally officially moved into my dorm. I actually had my room since Friday, but I've been slowly moving in bit by bit. So while everyone was playing games and partying, I was out there buying stuff to live on.
The front desk. They put up decorations to welcome new comers. Looks like the theme is movie night.
Looks like its really happening here. And quite helpful, there's trips to Toronto IKEA to get any stuff etc.
The corridor to my room. I'm the first door, but its still ok cuz the mailboxes take up the front spaces, hence my door is out of curious eyes. The bad news though? i'm damn far from the laundry room, and right next to the garbage disposal lol.My door! With my name!Common room/kitchen, basic stuff provided.My room. Looks real comfortable so far, but if u must know, half the stuff here is actually bought myself.
My dad smuggling fruits back to singapore.2 days til start of school, and my roomate still hasn't checked in. Must be a damn cool fella, arriveing fashionably late.Thats it for now, I'll post more if anything interesting crops up.~

Canada, eh? Pt 2

Went down to Sheridan for my orientation. Not sure why I din take any pics during the orientation. Maybe its was cuz I was being wisked into lecture after lecture on school services and important information.
After going for the lectures and finishing up my admin stuff, I went to look for my classrooms. Couldn't help but take a few pics of first year artwork. Its like a whole different level here..
Headed down to Toronto the next day, to get a very important item. Instant Noodles. The supermarkets only have 1 sucky brand, so hafta go down to chinatown to get the edible ones.

Yes they have it here tooThe shopping district. Lotsa people, of all kinds. There even way a day fair.
Saw this chinese guy the last time I was in Toronto. He's copying from that paper in his hand, but WOW. I hear China has sweatshops full of artists like him..scary.Coming up next, MOVING IN

Canada, eh?

Well, the trip to Sheridan starts with a 25hr flight, stopping over in Tokyo Narita Airport, then at Washington Dulles Airport. Dulles Airport was hectic. Just needed chickens and vegetables vendors to make it look more like a market. Didn't take much photos cause I was afraid of security and I was running for my next flight!Saw this interesting seat for shoe polish. Its blurry cause I was rushing. Blame it on customs, which took almost 1hr.
This theatre entrance is actually...
..the door to this bus-type thing. Its like a box, on monster truck chasis. I lost the pic for how it looks like, will post it when I find it. It swerves around and between planes taxi-ing around the runway. GTA should included these man.
Taking the small plane to Toronto. Flew above Niagara Falls. The U-shaped one belongs to Canada, and the one below belongs to USA. About a 45min drive from my town. Will post pics on it another time!
I actually flew over the school twice...but was on the wrong side of the plane to take it =/
With that hell flight over, I arrived in Oakville at 8pm(after clearing customs and getting my visas in order).
My Dad and I checked into an motel, and spent the next few days shopping for stuff.

Oakville is a nice place, although abit boring. Everything is FLAT. SOme of the taller buildings are bleak landmarks on the horison. Like the apartment building oppostie my school. All grey with no paint whatsoever. Apart from that, the town is quite nice and peaceful. Will post more of the town, but next, a glimpse of Sheridan and the dorm! to be cont.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Attitude matters

Posting on behalf of Oldman Stan

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A celebration of sorts

A simple trip for Arnolds chicken at paya lebar ended at YQ's Hse for his birthday.

Note: Feast located at the bottom left hand corner is not touched at all. I wonder why.

The Cheese Cake which Derrick bought. They dun call him Mr.Cheese for nothing.

YQ and his lightning fast reflexes manages to remove candles without being face-smashed into the cake.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The American Tale: Week 2 - National Day Special

Went to Downtown Bellevue earlier in the week.

Microsoft Building.

There was some Art Festival event happening right at the centre of town, so I went to check it out.

Some of the art pieces being displayed and sold.

Nothing much in Downtown Bellevue. Just lost of office buildings and departmental stores. And Bill Gates' house.

Downtown Seattle:
Gap building.

Banana Republic building.

Nike building.

And you thought only stupid kids in Singapore have fun by stomping their feet on the floor.

Jawbreakers. They're so big I have no idea how I'm supposed to stuff one of these in my mouth.

Live music in a departmental store.

People protesting on the streets. No idea why.

A busker in Seattle.

Some of the food I've been having for the past 2 weeks:
Some beef sandwich. With fries. And 3 different types of dips.

Chilli dogs that doesn't have any chilli or spiciness. Served with "steak fries", which are just really fat fries.

Yet another beef sandwich. Drowned in some really really good (but fattening) sauce.
Yet another beef sandwich, drowned in some high fat, high cholesterol, high sugar, high sodium sauce. Yummy.

The average American breakfast. 2 toast, 4-egg omelette, and hash browns. Portions so big, skipping lunch is normal. And so is having late dinners at 10pm.

Yet another average American breakfast. 4-egg omelette, 2 strips of bacon and 3 gigantic pancakes. Again, it's ok to skip lunch.

Some "authentic" chinese restaurant. Had to was the food in tea because everything was drownedi n teriyaki sauce.


As requested by ST, the gun shop.


Some sights to see on the way to school from my apartment:
Roadside flowers. So far I've not seen any cow grass yet, unlike in Singapore.

The occasional pimped out custom rides.

Trees, trees and more trees, Pine trees, Acorn trees and Maple trees everywhere.

The long river I have to walk along to reach school. According to residents here, spawning salmon can be seen swimming upstream between Sept and Dec.

Healthy lifestyle. Why run alone when you can run with your wife while pushing your kids?

More flowers.

Gigantic trees to block the strong winds, probably 6-7 storeys high. And yet more flowers.

More flowers, this time at the road junction. Makes me wonder why Singapore is called the Garden City when there's only cow grass.

Some random pics:
Spongebob and Hello Kitty.


Me and dad freezing at 2pm.

It's National Day. I'm feeling patriotic. Away from home.
National flags flown high in the sky.

Mahjulah... oh wait. Nevermind.