Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fish Foot Spa @ Sin Ming

Oh well it was a typical Singapore Sunday night, with nothing better to do and a little extra cash to burn, we decided to go try out the Toothless Fish Spa located at Sin Ming.

The spa's interior was clean, well maintained and its ambiance pleasant - a welcomed contrast to its busier surroundings where food/drinks are sold and many engage in another local pastime, prawn-fishing.

Washing area, we were required to wash our bodily parts from the knees down and were also provided with bandages to cover any recent wounds or scars (to prevent the fishes from reaching them) before allowed to enter the pools.

Here we go~

Om Nom Nom Nom

Miss Chen loves the smell of their towels.

Checking to see if her ankles have been bitten off.

Meh, it just tickles.

Feed me feed me feed me

Your sole is mine.

Miss Chen calling for an ambulance.

Supper time! sliced fish hor fun...mmm mmm revenge.

After 45mins, our fish feeting (see what I did there?) time was finally up. Due to a promotion that was going on, our total bill came up to a total of 26 SGD. Not too bad for what is certainly an unusual experience.