Sunday, September 21, 2008

Menu Fail

Saturday, September 20, 2008

19/09/08 - International (?) Talk Like A Pirate Day

Haven't slept for like 4 days. Assignments after assignments, just awesome.

19/09/08, the supposedly International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Not so international imo.

On the way to school:

Nice river trail. Real green, real nice

Ducks, goose, whatever. Fowls, swimming in Sammammish River.

The abandoned railroad track is always fun to walk on.

Cross the river, 30 feet above ground on old, rotting wood. That's fun.

Nintendo. Notice the holy light.

1st class: Animation 101. Getting the occasional "Arrrrr" and "Yarrrrr" and "Ayeeeee", but nobody wearing weird stuff yet, just some pirate bandanas.

The professor's table.

Prof. Dan Daly from Disney, awesome guy. Still no pirate anywhere to be seen yet.

Prof. BJ Becker. The most awesome teacher in Digipen. And yes, he wears his monocle and styles his moustache like that everyday. AND he's a pirate.

Opps. Bumped a small hole in the wall, but pirates dont care about little holes.


"We be needin' some rum and booty."

"Your work is crap."

Seriously, having a professor dress up as a pirate and doing all the pirate talk was fun, but nobody could understand what the hell he was talking about in class.

Some of the stuff crazy students drew on the wall before class. Notice the Jumping Rice Sack somewhere in the midst of all the other sketches. It's called the "Jumping Flour Sack" here. And yes, we've got to animate that soon.

After class. Time to get some food. Some of the Asians I hang out with.
Um, there's an American dude there too, so yeah.

Autumn is here, but only one tree has changed colour so I had to take this picture.

More views from the railway track.

More fowl, this time on the river trail.


The meal I bought. $6+ for a large meal.

This is the awesome-est burger. Ever. FRESH and THICK beef, not like the dry, minced meat-ish type you get from Mc-Donalds. Even Carl's Jr.'s burgers are made of patties. And Carl's Jr. patties bursts arteries. These don't.

Some people like it with cherries.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons

Random pic is saw on internet forum