Friday, May 30, 2008

Phuket Day One P1 & P2

2 pages and its not the end of the day yet. To be continued...
Article by YQ

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Phuket Day Zero

Article by YQ (Hurx3)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tomo Fine Dining @ Marina

Donna and her Tonkatsu Ramen
YQ and his Spicy Char Siew Ramen
Close up of YQ's Spicy Char Siew Ramen without the Handsum YQ

Employee of Jon's Cello Company joins us for lunch.

Close up of Unagi Set lunchPhotography Master Lawl and his Unagi Set Lunch
Spokesman for 2009 Shop and Save / Amex / Tomo. And his Tempura Sushi Set

Epitome of a Friendship

A friend is one who forgives and forgets
No obstacles stand in their way
Be it a Maxim magazine or a heated arguement,
Nothing can tear true friends apart.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Awon korean BBQ 170508

Basic Korean fare, could use a little more variety.

Sizzling beef.

Adding more soup.

Fresh meat!

Was the food too good that Marcmuffin iku-ed? Or maybe it's something else?


"Have you read Rakulei's guide to Rhasta?"


What was Moroes doing?

No gang signs please.

The S_ _ tt _ sh Yong Jun.

Yan eats beef.


Desserts at Riocotti.

More desserts.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Lightning reflexes.


Lim & Yan.

YQ faster than the speed of the shutter.


Sing song. Happy Birthday to Stanley...

Stop staring and make a wish.

Group photo 1.

Group photo 2.

Oh, yes, blow it. Blow it hard.

Nice cake.

Stoned after eating the cake.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hainanese on Hainan Island Day 4

Day 4, which is also the last day of my trip. Woke up at 9am, pretty late compared to the previous days. Washed up and went to the lobby to meet my family. We're going back for more 抱罗粉 because my sis couldn't get enough of the wonderful taste.

The not-so-beautiful river under the beautiful sky.

The mode of transport for the past 4 days.

Beijing 2008. It's everywhere.

After breakfast, we went to the beach. According to my sis, the beach is a must-go place when you come to Hainan Island.

Wedding photo taking. Old school pose.

Who the hell would do that?

The surprisingly beautiful beach.

People fishing at the jetty.

View of the beach resort from the jetty.

王丽丽我爱你。They probably never heard of liquid paper.

Jellyfish in the sea. There's actually lots of them, but only one was visible in the photo.

Another look at the jetty.


Fooled for a while more, then it was time to leave. We made our way to the airport, but stopped 1/2way for lunch.

Fly paper. It was a new sheet when we reached the restaurant.

Assorted veggies with an obscene amount of oil.

Some shellfish with more assorted veggies dish. Also served with lots of oil.

Yam shoots. This is really good.

The legendary Hainanese Mutton Soup. Heavenly.

More dogs. yummy.

OK we're finally at the airport! Turns out there's already a long queue at the check-in area. Damn. While checking in, I turned back to look for the toilet, but I saw this instead:
Yeah right.

As today was the day the Olympic Torch arrives at Hainan Island, everybody was glued to the TV, including the staff at the airport.

Running the Olympic torch.

Good news! The plane is leaving 1/2hr earlier than expected! I'm still not looking forward to the flight, though.

The good thing about window seats: Beautiful view.

I drank 3 cans of each during the 3+hr flight. I prefer the red though, but they were sold out so I had no choice but to get the white.

Sun setting over the horizon.