Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time for me to post. Yay.

Thought I should post about what I've been doing here, since you guys have been posting about what YOU have been doing there. ~.~V

I got my license last Monday, and one of my friend came over from SG, so we decided to go over to King's Canyon National Park for a day+night, and drive back home the next day. (All 300+ miles of it, 600 miles both ways)

Having no experience driving on the highway, nor long distance, nor even having enough practice driving, I drove 6 hrs each way and can count my blessings for not making any mistakes... besides driving too close to the side on a stretch of a secluded highway and having the car skidding on the back wheels for about 5 secs on the gravel. ^^"

Driving on the roads that stretches along the cliffs like those you see in Initial D, I slowed down alot, to the annoyance of drivers behind me (hah), and yay, I made it safely inside the park.

And because my friend arrived pretty late, I went to one of the cavern tours inside the park w/o him (will post photos later). Slept in the car overnight, missed the sunset cause we're in between 2 canyons, and we drove out for breakfast before going back home.

The biggest surprise was the total damage done for the weekend (just 2 days!) 70 bucks for the car rental, 70 bucks for fuel (600 miles is alot), and I got cheated of another 90 bucks cause I wasn't told the rental was of unlimited mileage.

It was a WTF moment...

P.S. Checking the front (on and near the plate) of the car, I saw about 15+ big flies (or whatever insects they are) that were smacked on and kind of squashed, almost as if I did a hit-and-run on them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Singapore's got Talent

After 2 years of intense training, Ho-liday Frontman Gregory decided to go solo. Check out his debut single out in stores soon.

Support our local talent!